DxO Audit: Opportunities in the anti-virus sector

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We're proud to partner with brands in the anti-virus sector, including McAfee and BlackBerry Cylance, helping them to optimise their digital experiences to drive revenue growth.
We audited five UK anti-virus businesses

Our intention with this report was to review top anti-virus brands and highlight what they are doing well and any key areas for optimisation. We think that the value of these improvements can be demonstrated through experimentation and would lead to increased revenue for these anti-virus businesses.

Across 6 conversion levers

We audited the online subscription journey for each brand using a heuristic analysis. The framework was split into 6 different levers, with a series of questions and ratings. This enabled us to provide an overview by anti-virus brand but also compare by each conversion lever.


Is this the right page for me and what I want to do?


Can I trust this brand?


Can I easily find the information I’m looking for?


Do I understand why I should be subscribing?


Do I have concerns or questions?


Is the checkout process going to be easy?

Discovering insights and opportunities

Audits such as this one and, even more, customer research, will suggest ideas for A/B and multivariate testing. Improving conversion rate by even just a percent or two is still likely to have a significant impact on revenue, and some of the opportunities we identified in this report would likely yield even greater results.

The average score in the report was 19/30
The lowest score in the report was 13/30
The highest score in the report was 25/30
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