DxO audit: opportunities in the magazine publishing sector

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We partner with many brands in the publishing sector, understanding the unique challenges they face.
We audited ten magazine publishers

Our intention with this report is to highlight key areas for improvement to help build a business case for future investment and illustrate how magazine publishers can increase their revenue through digital experience optimisation (DxO).

Across 6 conversion levers

We selected one magazine for each publisher and audited each magazine’s online subscription journey using a heuristic analysis, a technique based on best practice frameworks. The framework was split into 6 different levers, with a series of questions and ratings. This enabled us to provide an overview by magazine but also compare by each conversion lever.


Is this the right page for me and what I want to do?


Can I trust this brand?


Can I easily find the information I’m looking for?


Do I understand why I should be subscribing?


Do I have concerns or questions?


Is the checkout process going to be easy?

Discovering insights and opportunities

There is a lot of scope for further optimisation, even on levers which score positively. It's crucial to remember that even optimising small changes and improvements can have huge increases in user experience, satisfaction and crucially, driving revenue growth.

The highest score in the report was 24/30
The lowest score in the report was 11/30
The average score in the report was 17/30
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