DxO Audit: Opportunities in the charity sector

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In the run-up to Christmas 2020 we wanted to donate to some worthy causes and offer some insights by carrying out an audit of 9 charities, free of charge.
We audited nine charities

We wanted charities that were big enough to hopefully be tackling digital experience optimisation (DxO) to some degree, but would still find the advice and knowledge in our report useful.

Across 7 conversion levers

We completed a heuristics analysis following a framework split into 7 different levers, with a series of questions and ratings. This enabled us to provide an overview by charity but also compare by each conversion lever.


Is this the right page for the user and their aims of visiting the site?


How prominent are trust elements across the site to ease user anxiety and increase reassurance?


Can the user find the information they are looking for quickly and easily?


Does the user understand why they should be donating and is the proposition strong enough?


If the user has concerns and questions how are these addressed across the site?


Is the user journey for donating to the charity simple to follow?


Once a donation is complete, how effective is the site at reassuring users they have done the right thing?

Discovering insights and opportunities

In general the digital donation journeys were well thought out, but all had opportunity for optimisation. Our work here at Daydot has taught us that even optimising small changes and improvements can have huge increases in donations – crucial for charities in these testing times.

The highest score in the report was 30/35
The lowest score in the report was 18/35
The average score in the report was 24/35
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