Discover through customer research and insights

What is customer research and insights?

Through our focus on real insights, we uncover your data and know how to utilise it effectively. Understanding your data and insights helps you solve complex customer issues – to become truly connected to your audience.

Understand your audience

Bring audiences and personas to life, understand their behaviour, and align your content to their needs.

De-risk experimentation

Drilldown to the heart of customer conversion issues by combining multiple research methodologies.

Tangible results

Achieve an average conversion uplift of 65% by solving complex conversion issues using real insights.

Our Discover services
User persona research

Bring your personas and audiences to life, and understand their specific needs, behaviours and goals.

Usability testing

Put your product, site or MVP in front of real audiences to discover the optimum user experience.

Competitor analysis

They say, ‘keep your enemies close’. Discover what the competition are up to: what's working; what isn't.

Site navigation design

Help your users find the way with ease. They will thank you later.

Heuristics analysis

Receive a comprehensive review of your digital properties along with proposals for improvement.

Audience behaviours

We develop our insights through behavioural psychology and with techniques such as limbic mapping.

Product pricing architecture

Find the sweet spot between maximising sales and maximising revenue.

Audience attitudes/needs

Understand your audience and what they need, not what you think they want.