Combating subscription anxiety for Hearst Magazines 

The background

Over our fruitful six-year working relationship with Hearst Magazines we’ve solved many complex challenges together. We’ve worked alongside the Hearst team to continually evolve and optimise their conversion flow focusing on key user journeys.

One recent piece of work was inspired by research that highlighted 32% of product page visitors reported subscription anxiety as a key concern including issues around cancellation, payment and delivery. This applied to both self-purchasers and ‘gifters’. Anti-anxiety elements across the Hearst product pages had low visibility.

The ambition

We wanted to understand the common anxiety factors consumers were experiencing. Our key target was to increase conversions.

The approach

We ran on site surveys to gain attitudinal insights into what the drivers of anxiety were for customers.

Informed by the research we identified points of anxiety and objection and created contextual links to address the concerns. The copy was tailored for both self-purchasers and ‘gifters’.

“I genuinely rate the Daydot team, and would recommend them without hesitation to others seeking to grow their online performance.“
Seema Kumari, Head of Digital, Hearst Magazines UK
The results

We saw some fantastic results:

  • 14% uplift in conversion rate
  • 33% reduction in checkout abandonment
  • Projected to drive over £500,000 in incremental revenue over the next 2 years