Combating subscription anxiety for Hearst Magazines 

The background

Over our fruitful six-year working relationship with Hearst Magazines, we’ve solved many complex challenges together. We’ve worked alongside the Hearst team to continually evolve and optimise their conversion flow, focusing on key strategic pathways throughout.

Research had highlighted subscription anxiety as the most common form of worry among website visitors, accounting for over 32% of product page visitors. This included customer concerns about cancellation, payment and delivery, for both self-purchasers and ‘gifters’ of Hearst products. The prominence of anti-anxiety elements across the Hearst product pages was poorly visible, contributing to the high subscription anxiety.

The ambition

We wanted to combat this, firstly by understanding the common anxiety factors consumers were experiencing. Our target was to increase add to carts, as well as conversions, with increased product page visibility.

We hypothesised that through effective anti-anxiety messaging in the form of FAQs with clear and visible contextual links, we’d be able to counteract all main concerns.

The approach

We ran on site surveys to gain critical attitudinal insights into what the drivers of anxiety were for real Hearst customers.

Informed by research, we created a series of simple FAQs which specifically addressed these core anxiety drivers. The copy was tailored to specific concerns for both self-purchases and ‘gifters’.

Anti-anxiety messaging within the FAQs with clear and visible contextual links, counteracted the main concerns of users. By adding new messaging under FAQs or in a side modal, we avoided creating unnecessary noise for visitors who weren’t affected by anxiety.

We created greater visibility for these enhanced FAQs within the product pages, enabling them to naturally form part of a user’s experience.

“I genuinely rate the Daydot team, and would recommend them without hesitation to others seeking to grow their online performance.“
Seema Kumari, Head of Digital, Hearst Magazines UK
The results

By understanding real customer subscription anxiety points, and addressing them in a considered way, with solutions geared towards research validated key concerns, we saw some fantastic results, producing an experiment which delivered:

  • 14% uplift in conversion rate
  • 33% reduction in checkout abandonment
  • Projected to drive over £500,000 in incremental revenue over the next 2 years