We used customers’ own words to validate and define a value proposition that gives clarity and credibility as to why customers should shop with the RSPB.

The background

The RSPB is the UK’s largest wildlife and nature charity. They had a series of statements on their site that formed their customer-facing value proposition. They asked us to validate these statements and see if they could be improved.

The ambition

We wanted both to validate the existing approach and improve them where we could, as well as providing impactful statements and concepts that could form the basis for A/B tests to measure the impact on conversion and sales.

The approach

We firstly analysed the verbatim responses that customers gave to on-site surveys asking

  • What persuaded you to purchase (post purchase survey)
  • You said that you were interested in [named product from earlier survey question] on this visit. Please let us know why you are looking at this on the RSPB Shop website.

We also analysed

  • On-site customer reviews of products
  • Comments about the RSPB on external sites

We analysed the language in relation to four levels of a value proposition

  • Primary – the global  proposition
  • Prospect – why should any given individual buy from you?​
  • Product – why should anyone buy this particular product?​
  • Process – why should anyone click a particular action rather than another one?
The end result

The analysis confirmed that the existing statements were covering the right topics but could be simplified and rationalised were space was limited. We also produced editorial recommendations for the use of language in product descriptions.

The outputs formed the basis for A/B testing of the placement of value proposition statements on the basket page, and site-wide. Both tests resulted in a +3% uplift in conversions.

Driving growth through cross-sell engagement
The Wall Street Journal
We achieved a 240% increase in new member onboarding actions leading to 18% uplift in customer retention rate
Increasing conversion rate by +5.6% and generating £1.5m incremental revenue from our first test
Customer research
The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) used the personas we generated for them to improve the quality of internal discussions by focusing on a shared understanding of their customers.