Driving experimentation success through data and insights

The background

Each year, Shelter helps millions of people struggling with bad housing or homelessness through expert advice, support and legal services. Digital is a vital channel for efficient acquisition due to its strong return on investment, however, increasing media spend was starting to see diminishing returns, meaning optimising on-site was the most logical step for increased growth moving forward. As an organisation, Shelter had run some on-site optimisation projects in the past, but these were based on analytics and assumptions, meaning they didn’t deliver much measurable value or uplift.

The ambition

Shelter sought to amplify the impact of their acquisition channels by increasing landing page and funnel conversion performance. The charity has a history and culture of delivering solutions using their in-house team, meaning it was crucial to identify tracks of experimentation opportunities which would be delivered with specialist help, alongside quick conversion rate wins, and long-term ‘change’ projects which could be managed and implemented internally.

Our approach

Analytics audit – a deep dive to understand traffic, audiences and paths to conversion which would inform conversion drop off points, alongside measurement gaps.

Research - conducting in-depth user interaction studies, remote usability testing, alongside on-site surveys to drive behavioural and attitudinal data around real visitors.

Actionable insights - By overlaying our behavioural and attitudinal insights with our findings from analytics data, we were able to draw a significant volume of actionable insights which required testing. We were also able to identify quick fixes, requiring relatively little effort in order to drive conversion performance uplifts.

Technical capabilities audit - Gaining a better understanding of not only what solutions can be experimented with but which solutions are viable for implementation given the current tech stack and their respective restrictions.

Prioritisation and segmentation - By thoroughly understanding audience motivation, content gaps, anxiety factors, traffic, and expected uplifts versus benchmarks, we were able to segment tests into two categories: quick wins and experimentation. These were then prioritised against expected uplift and complexity to deliver.

Roadmap - We presented Shelter with a comprehensive customer research insights report, alongside an experimentation roadmap prioritised by expected uplift. In addition, we also provided a comprehensive outline of quick wins and no brainers which would have an immediate performance impact.

“Daydot not only provided us with some fantastic insights into our own customers, but also enabled me to substantiate a number of UX sticking points I had always suspected were impacting conversion, but could never prove. The performance uplift from the quick fixes alone meant that the project paid for itself many times over.“
Eoghan Beecher, Digital Fundraising Manager, Shelter UK
The results

Quick wins & bug fixes - The research and data analysis drove over 20 actionable insights around bugs, errors, and quick fixes which could be implemented immediately by the Shelter team. This type of output is crucial to compliment a comprehensive experimentation program, as it provides fast and easy changes which improve the purchase journey for customers.

Simply by implementing the change recommendations driven by Daydot, Shelter were able to achieve the following results:

  • 14% uplift in donations
  • +12% earnings per click
  • 726% ROI

Roadmap experimentation - The first experiment in the roadmap focused on the core donation landing page, seeking to address value proposition, anxiety and content gaps highlighted through our research, but also to drive average donation value increases through positioning of donation amounts, the mechanics of the form itself, and driving the contextual difference to real lives that each donation amount impacted.

After successful completion of this first experiment, Shelter we able to report:

  • 45% uplift in donation value
  • 6.43% uplift in conversion rate
  • +1,000% ROI