Amplifying media acquisition effectiveness through data and research

The background

Shelter helps millions of people struggling with bad housing and homelessness each year through expert advice, support, and legal services.

The ambition
  • Increase donations
  • Increase efficiency of paid media
  • Create measurable ROI
Our approach

Daydot conducted a comprehensive customer research report across the landing page and checkout using heatmaps, usability testing, heuristic analysis, and analytics data analysis.

This resulted in over 20 actionable insights highlighting bugs, errors, and quick fixes likely to drive increased performance. These could be implemented immediately by the Shelter development team.

The results
  • 14% uplift in donations
  • +12% earnings per click
  • +726% ROI
“Daydot not only provided us with some fantastic insights into our own customers, but also enabled me to substantiate a number of UX sticking points I had always suspected were impacting conversion, but could never prove. The performance uplift from the quick fixes alone meant that the project paid for itself many times over.“
Eoghan Beecher, Digital Fundraising Manager, Shelter UK
Latest case studies
Vox Media
We achieved in 57% uplift in subscription conversion rate by making the subscription acquisition flow personal for each user
The Wall Street Journal
We achieved a 240% increase in new member onboarding actions leading to 18% uplift in customer retention rate
Increasing conversion rate by +5.6% and generating £1.5m incremental revenue from our first test