Increasing membership through customer research and CX

The background

As the world’s largest car rental service Zipcar helps users book cars on-demand with flexibility, whether by the hour or by the day. Zipcar came to us seeking help with their online experience. They had specific website pages for many cities across their website. However, this content wasn’t optimised to showcase the full features and benefits of Zipcar to visitors with the storyline failing to encourage user interaction and registrations.

Our ambition

Initial research revealed that visitors were failing to interact with much of the content across the pages and registration rate was low. We were tasked with helping to drive membership sign-ups, targeting the storyline for improvement. We had to discover user requirements before we could re-vamp the content, storyline and design.

Our approach

We kicked off with surveys which identified a number of issues:

  • A lack of clear value proposition prior to registration.
  • The service and key user questions were not clearly addressed.
  • Issues with layout making it harder to absorb content.

Having understood the issues our in-house creative team crafted copy and design assets to improve the user experience.

The results
  • +14.4% increase in membership sign-ups
Latest case studies
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We achieved in 57% uplift in subscription conversion rate by making the subscription acquisition flow personal for each user
The Wall Street Journal
We achieved a 240% increase in new member onboarding actions leading to 18% uplift in customer retention rate
Increasing conversion rate by +5.6% and generating £1.5m incremental revenue from our first test