Unleash growth for clients with recurring revenue

Increased revenue is just the start

We help businesses keep their audience engaged across the entire customer lifecycle to maximise engagement, revenue, and much more.

Customer connection

An ongoing customer relationship means more opportunity to sell, and ‘unlock’ untapped customers.

See obstacles ahead of time

Identify obstacles and experiment to increase conversion across the whole customer journey.

Gain valuable subscribers

Optimise the entire customer lifecycle to gain customers with a longer than average lifetime value.

What do we mean by recurring revenue?

Prioritising an ongoing relationship with customers is the key way brands can innovate, stay relevant, and grow their revenue in a constantly shifting landscape.


Engage customers throughout their lifecycle to maximise engagement and revenue and avoid churn.

Licence models

Avoid churn at the end of a license and provide value across the entire customer journey.


Provide value throughout the contract – not just when it's time for the customer to renew.

eCommerce shops

Increase long-term revenue through optimised data, and ongoing relationships with your customers.


Craft valuable content and optimise user experience to retain, engage, and grow your audience.

Product subscriptions

Create a stream of predictable, stable revenue with your products and an ongoing relationship.

Unleash growth the Daydot way

For 17 years we've helped brands grow their recurring revenue by understanding their customers through data and insights, realised in stunning experiences.