Customer lifecycle optimisation

Expand your testing beyond the initial customer conversion

Traditional conversion rate optimisation (CRO) typically focuses on delivering sales and revenue growth across acquisition. Our customer lifecycle optimisation programs aim to identify and address the weakest points in your customer journey, allowing you to delight and retain customers while driving new revenue opportunities effectively.

What’s included?

Discovery – We’ll start by auditing your digital journeys to establish quick wins, best practices and heuristic recommendations.

Customer insights – Our research team will analyse your journey data and then use a variety of research methodologies, such as session recordings, surveys, and customer interviews, to uncover what makes your customers tick.

Ideation, prioritisation and road mapping – Leaning into the actionable insights we have created, we will run an ideation workshop with key stakeholders within your business to build out 70+ test ideas. These are then prioritised around metrics such as expected uplift, ability to implement and commercial objectives alignment. These then form the basis of your customer optimisation roadmap.

Delivering your customer optimisation growth roadmap – Our optimisation managers, alongside our internal UX design and code studio, will work hand in hand to deliver your testing roadmap through A/B and multi-variant testing. Creating an always-on growth feedback loop where learnings, insights and data tell us where the most value can be found. Where internal systems and technologies are used to interact with customers, we will do the heavy lifting from a strategy, design and build perspective.

This package focuses on the customer journey from landing page and conversion through to customer onboarding, engagement and churn prevention.

Who's it for?

Clients who opt for lifecycle optimisation and experimentation are looking to develop more engaged, stickier customers and create lifetime value (LTV) growth:

  • Converting first-time customers into loyal users is proving problematic
  • Subscriber engagement and churn are hampering your ability to grow active users
  • Prioritisation, measurement and statistical significance of testing activity
  • You want to understand your customers better through data
  • You’re struggling to stand out against your competition
  • You want to streamline journeys between online and offline channels
  • You’re looking at different approaches to achieving growth
  • CLTV growth is a priority

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Why Daydot?

What makes the Daydot difference?

We bring 18 years of experience to the table - this isn’t our first rodeo! We’ve worked across many sectors and sizes of business, and are confident we can improve any website - on average, our customers see a 200% ROI on their first 3 tests with us.

Not only do we have a dedicated core team, we have Researchers, Designers, and Developers who are ready to bring your ideas and our hypotheses to life. In this fully managed service you’ll barely have to lift a finger - Daydot will do it all!

What makes Daydot truly unique is our understanding of how businesses grow. This may be the perfect package for you right now, but what about in 5, or 10 years’ time? Our offering is designed to grow and flex with your team, until eventually we form the launchpad from which you can fly. Just let us know when you’re ready to move up to our Customer Lifecycle Optimisation plan, or even feel its time for you to take the reins yourselves with a bespoke consultancy package.

"When Daydot comes to the office every quarter and reports on its results, the feedback from across our business is consistent: they wish they had a single vendor as superbly competent as Daydot. Through their laser-guided research strategy to inform a robust optimisation plan, we have learned a shocking amount about our own business, and delivered exceptional value in the process."
Peter Gray, VP Product Optimisation, The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal
A 240% increase in new member onboarding actions led to 18% uplift in customer retention rate
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