Seminar roundup

How can you effectively drive growth in 2020?

How can you effectively drive growth in 2020?

A tough question but luckily we had a panel of incredible guest speakers on board to answer this and much more during our final event of 2019. The Telegraph, Vodafone, The British Heart Foundation, the former CMO of 118118 Money and us here at Daydot discussed the elements to fire up your digital strategy in 2020. If you weren't able to make the event then don't worry, you can check out our highlights video above and scroll down for speaker summaries. We hope to see you at an event in the new year!

Key speakers
Daniel Gold

Head of Research, Daydot

Make your resolution understanding your users better in 2020

Daniel Gold discussed the power of research and how you can tap into the latest research methodologies to understand your users. Research tools were a key focus, from basic analytics to neuro-marketing and how businesses can explore aspects such as predicting user behaviours with big data delivering higher engagement and growth.

Daniel's key takeouts
  • Cognitive insights can be deployed throughout the marketing funnel: from audience insight through to acquisition and retention.
  • New to the field? Start by applying Cognitive science in marketing to optimise ROI.
  • Carry out an audit of your user journeys and assets, applying the lens of Cognitive science.
Katie Bloor

Head of Optimisation, Daydot

Customer lifetime value is the key to growth in 2020

Katie argued that brands should optimise their CX strategy and give attention to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) rather than continuing to solely focus on acquisition. Those that fail to do so risk not making the most of growth opportunities. She went on to explore this with examples of her work over the past two years with The Wall Street Journal, where she has been instrumental in the development of their optimisation strategy and roadmap.

Katie's key takeouts
  • A long-term, positive impact can only come from focusing on CLTV, not solely acquisition rates as a primary KPI.
  • To drive CLTV businesses must craft an individualised customer journey to make it highly relevant and engaging at each interaction.
  • Technology is important for better CLTV but companies must break down silos and collaborate across teams too.
Maria Koutsoudakis

Brand and Marketing Director, Vodafone

The Vodafone Digital Journey

As the Brand and Marketing Director at Vodafone, Maria had some interesting insights to share on the transformation of the organisation. In her presentation she discussed how becoming a data-driven digital organisation has fuelled this change. Maria then explored the use of existing digital data insight in terms of tracking Vodafone's funnel to understand: how the company's audience are feeling; what they need; how they are interacting; what they are thinking, and how Vodafone can optimise their interactions with their audience using this data.

Maria's key takeouts
  • Don't be afraid of data - it will bring you closer to your audience.
  • Get closer to your customer and understand what they: feel; need; do; and think.
  • It's also crucial to utilise data to optimise your company's own performance and effectiveness.
How successful is your digital optimisation program?