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Unleashing subscription growth

Webinar overview

The ongoing pandemic has thrown up many surprises in subscription businesses, with many publishers reporting record website traffic and subscription growth. However, many have also experienced between 5-50% decreases in advertising revenue.

Our latest webinar, in partnership with the Professional Publishing Association (PPA), focused on answering the uncertainty for brands on both sides of this divide. How can brands seek new revenue streams in uncertain times? And how can brands improve monetisation of their digital content?

Seema Kumari, Digital Marketing & CRM Director at Hearst Magazines UK, and Katie Bloor, Head of Optimisation here at Daydot, shared insights, actions, and answers to the tough question of how publishers can drive revenue growth in these uncertain times.

You can view speaker summaries below and, if you missed it, you can catch up by watching the recording of the webinar. We hope to see you at the next one!

Key speakers
Seema Kumari

Digital Marketing & CRM Director, Hearst Magazines UK

How to identify and optimise digital revenue streams

Seema Kumari examined actions Hearst have taken to drive revenue growth in 2020, sharing insights on how to apply this to your brand. Seema also dissected how Hearst drove growth (and continue to do so) in these challenging times, sharing her priorities and strategies for success.

Seema's key takeouts
  • Don’t underestimate revenue diversification.
  • Don’t rest on your laurels: a crisis can make you accelerate your thinking and ideas.
  • Speak to your audience and really get under their skin to find out what they want and how they feel.
“Forecasting and scenario planning based on demand was vital to enable us to stay agile.“
Seema Kumari
Katie Bloor

Head of Optimisation, Daydot

Unleashing subscription growth

You want to grow your brand, but how do you identify opportunity? Katie shared her advice on this and much more, including how brands can become a subscription and digital-first business, utilising recurring revenue strategies to future-proof their revenue growth.

Katie's key takeouts
  • Subscription businesses are inherently more flexible: you can experiment with your offering.
  • Deploy attitudinal and behavioural research to identify why acquisition/retention barriers and drivers exist.
  • A data-driven, customer-focused strategic roadmap is key to identify the biggest revenue growth opportunities.
“Your goals should be to increase the breadth and frequency of product usage – this will lead you to increase retention and customer lifetime value (CLTV).“
Katie Bloor
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