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Next-level digital experiences

Event overview

Many things have shifted dramatically due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. In our industry the affect has been both a radical reshaping and acceleration of customers’ expectations of what digital experiences need to look like today.

So what is the impact of this shift? Well of course this throws up numerous challenges for marketers, with more brands looking to invest in digital, increasing competition for customers. In order for brands to stay competitive, creating and optimising an unforgettable customer experience is more vital than ever before.

The latest Daydot event was packed with not-to-be-missed insights on optimising your end-to-end digital customer experience from us here at Daydot as well as RSPB’s Liz Brown. We delved into understanding customer lifetime value – crucial for brands striving to craft a truly unforgettable customer experience.

If you couldn't make it, then don't worry. We have the recording of the webinar below, as well as speaker summaries. Don't forget to make sure you’re registered to be the first to know about our next event. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you couldn't make it then don't worry, you can watch the webinar recording (above) at your leisure. You'll find speaker summaries further down this page and also the opportunity to register to hear about future events. We look forward to seeing you there!

Key speakers
Nick Gassman

Research Manager, Daydot

Insights discovery

Nick set out our approach to engaging with new clients and how we seek to understand both their business and their customers, using a number of insight discovery methods, including qualitative research and analytics. Nick explained what is involved in this important first phase of DxO, illustrating the different methods and tools enabling you to identify the opportunities which set the stage for your next phase of optimisation.

Nick's key takeouts
  • Without actionable customer and audience insights you’re effectively flying blind.
  • A discovery report shines a spotlight on customer conversion and experience pain points, as well as bugs, quick wins and ‘just do its’ (JDIs).
  • Create actionable customer personas to eradicate organisational assumptions, create consistency across comms, and drive relevancy at every touchpoint.
“Every insight is an opportunity. Ignoring this insight is revenue left on the table.“
Nick Gassman
Alex Toplis

Optimisation Manager, Daydot

Leveraging customer research to create a prioritised experimentation roadmap

DxO strategy is about putting the insights from the research discovery phase into action. Alex is an experienced Optimsation Manger here at Daydot and in his fascinating talk he walked attendees through frameworks to help brands ideate and prioritise to craft an experimentation roadmap.

Alex's key takeouts
  • There are 3 steps to developing an experimentation roadmap: Condense the research, ideation, and prioritisation.
  • Include stakeholders from around the business in your ideation session, with a mix of skillsets – Design, Products, Marketing, Developer, Customer Service.
  • Develop a prioritized test order based on an objective methodology that aligns with user needs and business objectives.
“Avoid falling into the trap of letting the highest paid person decide what you test. Honour your users’ needs and align with the business goals.“
Alex Toplis
Liz Brown

Ecommerce and Marketing Manager, RSPB

Driving sustainable growth, while creating a business case for DxO

This joint discussion from RSPB’s Liz Brown and Daydot’s Osh Rice brought to life how they utilised research, discovery, and a solid DxO strategy to build a business case for experimentation internally. The case study highlighted how this approach helped to foster a culture of experimentation and secure further investment for DxO at RSPB.

Liz's key takeouts
  • Use your discovery research to build a 12-month roadmap of experiments and model out expected revenue uplift using benchmark data.
  • Translate your growth levers into language your C-Suite & Finance Director will understand.
  • Make sure to highlight other ways this activity helps your business grow outside of incremental revenue: Audience understanding, comms/messaging, new productisation, experimentation culture.
“How can other brands do what we’ve done? I'd suggest an audit of your site to identify quick, easy wins and/or bigger impact areas and develop a proof-of-concept approach to DxO.“
Liz Brown, RSPB
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