How successful is your digital optimisation program?

A webinar to help you optimise your digital business to drive revenue growth.

When done right, a digital optimisation or experimentation program has a direct impact on revenue and forms the foundation of the growth and product strategy. However, there's a journey that businesses need to go on to reach this stage. How confident do you feel about your ability to test the right things in order to move the needle for your business? Does your team lack some of the direction or skillsets to accomplish your business goals? Whatever’s holding you back from achieving your optimisation goals, our latest webinar will help you and your brand unlock growth through experimentation. Hear from our Daydot optimisation experts, plus Lois Crawford, Digital Product Owner at BT, will be joining us for a Q&A.


09:00 - 09:15

Alex Toplis, Daydot

The optimisation maturity curve

Alex will explore and elaborate on the ‘optimisation maturity curve’ so you can identify where your business sits and compare to other businesses. He will then discuss four key areas relevant to advance up the maturity curve – team, tools, governance and culture.

09:15 - 09:30

Katie Bloor, Daydot

Optimising your program for success

Katie will share her expertise in consulting with brands and overseeing a multitude of successful experimentation programs for global clients. Her discussion will focus on a number of key areas and actionable next steps brands can take to ensure their programs are set for growth.

09:30 - 09:45

Lois Crawford, BT

BT TV digital optimisation

During this Q&A session with Lois she will share how the BT TV team manage their program of digital experimentation and where she considers them to sit on the maturity curve Alex introduced. We'll find out the challenges the team faced along their journey and how they have evolved their approach to increase their test velocity.

09:45 - 10:00

All speakers


Don’t forget to stick around for the Q&A after, to get your questions answered.

Lois Crawford


Digital Product Owner

Lois has worked as Digital Product Owner for BT TV for the last year and is responsible for setting the digital vision and strategy for subscriber acquisition. She has a passion for optimisation and is continuously seeking ways to exceed conversion targets.

Alex Toplis


Senior Optimisation Manager

Alex is constantly on the quest to craft the best experience for users. He has a love of testing designs and a strong work ethic, equally valued by the team at Daydot and the clients he helps to grow each day.

Katie Bloor


Head of Optimisation

Katie Bloor oversees CX optimisation strategies across acquisition, engagement, product development and retention for all of our diverse clients here at Daydot. Katie passionately drives CX optimisation at Daydot into new strategic areas, with a focus on solving new and unique business challenges.